Our quality policy

InAnatolian culture, Ahi merchants used to inspect their colleagues. If some Merchant acted unethically and deceived a customer, the other merchants of the town would “hang his shoes on the roof.” When the villagers saw the shoes, they would not shop from that merchant.

Quality is a philosophy of life and its history is old.

We believe that a company should define objectives that focus on customers.

As Elhadefler, we focus on “added value”. We know that creativity, improvement and hard work can create the concept of added value.

That is why since 1941 we have improved ourselves knowing that we manufacture products for people. We know that we should be different.
To create comfortable, economical and hygienic solutions for our customers with our innovative and creative approach.
We will always follow international standarts, improve our quality standarts all the time and innovatecontinously.
With the strength we have gained from our experience since 1941, we aim to be one of the global leaders in the global arenas that we serve.