Latis Maternity Pad

Constructed with cellulosic based natural materials, 98% recyclable Latis maternity pad ensures a comfortable protection.
Consumer’s first choice in Turkey and around the globe
Latis Maternity Pad is used after giving birth with confidence.

Latis Maternity Pad

Latis Maternity Pad: 10 pieces in pack
There are 16 x 10’s in a carton
Carton Sizes : 600 X 340 X 340 mm
Latis Sterilized Absorbent Dressings
Latis absorbent dressings are designed for catarrhal wounds. It doesn’t adhere to the wound. Multi absorbent and sterilized Latis Absorbent Dressings let air pass directly to the wound thus help healing. The material is consisted of 4 main layers:
a) The bottom layer having direct contact with the wound, is consisted of two plies of white colored hydrophilic non-woven. This layer is congenial with the skin. It helps the wound effluxion passing to the middle absorbent layer..
b) Fibrelized pure cellulose particles are detained in crepe paper which is also made from pure cellulose. Thus a perfect absorbent layer is formed in the middle layer.
c) Blue colored hydrophofobic non woven is the top layer. This layer lets the air pass through but blocks the liquid. This layer is a perfect barricade against the wound effluxion
Two plies of hydrophilic non-woven is in direct contact with the wound. This layer absorbs the effluxion and passes in the middle layer.
The layer in the middle is multi absorbent and made of cellulose. It provides air to the wound and helps healing.
ve yatak çarşaflarının kontamine olmasını engeller. The blue nonwoven layer which is also hydrophofobic acts like a barricade and obstructs the contamination of bed sheets. Side leakages are also blocked because the blue layer covers both sides of the Latis Absorbent Dressings.

Places of Use:

- During operations. Pratical and hygienical
- During wound care. Pratical and hygienical
- In case of accidents. Pratical and hygienical
- While in the field. Pratical and hygienical


9x9 cm – 48 pieces in box – Box Sizes : 250 X 185 X 160 mm
10x15 cm – 24 pieces in box – Box Sizes : 250 X 210 X 205 mm
15x20 cm – 24 pieces in box – Box Sizes : 310 X 215 X 205 mm