Who Are We ?

Elhadefler Kağıtçılık Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in Istanbul in 1941. With more than 75 years of work experience, it is one of the most established hygienic disposable materials producers in Turkey.
  • 1941 We started as an import-export company in Istanbul. We imported photographic films and blueprint papers from Europe and distributed these products in Turkey.
  • 1979 We became a joint stock company. We became a manufacturer. We started producing cardboard bobbins at our first factory located in the East Industrial Zone at Yenibosna.
  • 1983 We started producing hygienic disposable materials. We produced the first locally made baby diapers of Turkey under the brand name Popifiks.
  • 1984 We moved to our factory situated on Yenibosna, 29 Ekim Street.
  • 1985 We produced the first locally made hygienic pads for women under the brand name Lilafiks.
  • 1988 We produced the first locally made wet wipes under the brand name Popifiks.
  • 1988 The same year we produced the first locally made adult diapers under the brand name Popifiks Naturel.
  • 1999 Turkey met with the concept of “absorbant food pads” or “soaker pads” for meat & chicken & fruit & fish products”. We opened an era of food safety in Turkish Industrial History. The first food pads were produced under the brand name: PILPED. In the following years, the usage of this product became mandatory by law thanks to our efforts. Today we own machines that produce 7 different types of absorbent pads. Our production is supervised by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. We are the biggest manufacturer of this sector in Turkey.

2011 We took the first step once again. We started to produce napkins, runners, tablecloths and towels from the disposable hygienic "AIRLAID" (fabric paper) material that will provide convenience to the hotel-restaurant-catering sector with our strong brand : La Plume.
  • Airlaid is an economical and comfortable product that offers the elegance of linen with its fabric texture and at the same time offers convenience of a disposable product. We can offer 19 different color options. We can personalize La Plume. We can apply your corporate name and logo on our products. Today we work with many important hotel, restaurant, catering and airline brands nationally and internationally. We also export our products to more than 20 different countries in 4 different continents.

2013 Under the brand Popifiks, we started to produce Modular Toilet Training Sets for the first time in Turkey.
  • 2013 POPİFİKS MODULAR TOILET TRAINING SET is a two system toilet set which you can carry easily at home or abroad in a special bag. Thanks to its modular and practical structure and you can relieve your child's needs with peace of mind at any moment. We produce our product with 2013/02742 utility product patent number.
    • 2014 We started to produce Disposable Baby Bibs under La Plume brand. We can produce this product in many different designs and patterns. La Plume Disposable Baby Bib is a practical product for parents at home and abroad. We can personalize La Plume Disposable Baby Bib. We can apply your corporate name and logo on the product. Currently, you can find La Plume Disposable Baby Bib in many retail chain markets in Turkey.

    2014 We started producing high absorbency pads for fresh fish under the PILPEDforFISH brand.

    • 2014 Especially during fresh fish shipments (which are mostly carried by airplanes), the icy water level in the styrofoam cooler containers must be kept at a certain level. PILPEDforFISH is a small pad. It’s measured 15x25 cm and can absorb approximately 1 liter of icy water in less than 10 minutes on its own. All of our products are produced with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture according to the HACCP principles. Tailor made high absorbency pads can be produced for the needs of fishery industry.
    • 2016 We moved to our new factory in Sanayi Street, Yenibosna with 3000 m2 closed area.
    Today we continue our production in 5 main areas which are;
    1. La Plume AIRLAID (linen like paper) Disposable Table Top Products and Towels

    2. La Plume Disposable Baby Bibs

    3. Pilped Absorbant Fresh Food Pads (Meat, Poultry, Fish, Fruit)
    4. Hygienic Disposables :
    - Popifiks Relax Adult Pants
    - Lilafiks Sanitary Napkins
    - Latis Maternity Pads
    - Latis Sterilized / Non Sterilized Absorbant Dressings

    5.. Popifiks Modüler Toilet Training Sets

    As Elhadefler, we believe that we are a producer and exporter that have left a mark on Turkish consumers during the last quarter century with our brands & products.

    We serve to the hotel-restaurant-catering (hospitality), airline, retail, health and food industries. We distribute our products with our wide dealer network all over Turkey
    But what makes us the most proud is to wave our flag abroad. With our quality products, our speed and our customer-focused approach, our exports are constantly improving. At present we export to more than 30 countries in 4 different continents.

    Our targets are big. There’s little time. And so much work to do ...
    Our experience, conveyed from generation to generation, teaches us two unique values:

    To do your best for the country, for the world and for humanity! And once it has been promised to fulfill that promise at all costs!